In celebration of one of the facebook group achieving 200 members, the creator posted this following quiz for us to respond. I really love answering it and felt obligated to share it here. So here we go!

1:From all the dolls you own,who is your favourite and why

Henrietta (DOD Ony). She was my first love and she will forever be my favourite. I was so obsessed with her that I'd placed an order for both Elf-Ony and Sleeping Girl 1 (essentially sleeping head of Elf-Ony). Can't wait for the two elven goodness to come home, presumably before July.

2:Explain how you managed to get into BJD collecting

I have been collecting figurines for years and were never happy about lighting with the figurine. So I really just gotten into the hobby limiting myself to SD doll and have been using them as my photography models. That was then though. Now they are part of my life.

3:Name the very first doll you ever bought

Henriette (DOD Ony)

4:Which doll do you plan to buy next

So many I don't really know where to start. Provided that Peak Wood's don't suddenly come out with a summer event, I would think my next doll would be DOD Tanesia. If PW does run an event, it would definitely be Lavin. I am also planning to buy the sleeping Oasisdoll IT Girl's head (Sleeping Linglan, Yaoyue and Naomi)

5:Who is your favourite Dolly Owner/Artist on flickr/DA where ever

Fragile Existence. :D
I also like namiren.

6:Are you currently waiting on any dolls

Waiting for four dolls at the moment. DOD Elf Ony (LE), DOD Sleeping Girl 1, DOD U-i and Luts ZDF Romance Persi Witch (LE).

7:How many dolls do you currently have

5 full dolls and 3 floating heads

8:Name the very last doll you bought

Luts ZDF Romance Witch (LE)

9:What is the worst thing about this hobby

I'm sacrificing my bi-yearly pilgrimage to Akibahara this year because of the amount I spend on my dolls.

10:What is the best thing about this hobby

The community. I met so many lovely people in the hobby this year alone virtually through various facebook groups, forums and photographic community.

11:Which is your best dolly photo (of yours) (copy the link & Paste)

12:Which is your favourite BJD company

Dream of Doll

13:Who are on your wish list

My current wishlist are: DOD Tanesia, Peak Wood's Lavin, Dreaming Doll Sally and Bimong Narae

14: Are there any dolls you wished you had never purchased

I hope not

15: Who's your favourite face up artists

No clue. Sorry.

16:What is a must when considering a purchase/pose ability/faceup/age/etc

She must have some connection to me through the images.

17:Anything else you'd like to add

I'm still very new to the hobby, purchasing my first doll in January this year. I still have a lot more to learn and I must say that everywhere I turn, I always feel welcome. Being blessed with no drama occuring around me so far, I really must say that this is one of the most pleasant hobby I'd taken up in my life. And this is only possible because of you. :D