A man and a woman live in a house on a deserted peninsular
The man's mother come to stay with them
The man goes off on a business trip
The woman takes the ferry to the mainland to see her lover
She and her lover made love and she realises it's very late and she might miss the ferry
So she races to the ferry slip and there's the captain and she has missed the last ferry
She says, "Please please take me back to the peninsular
i will give you six times the ferry fare."
He says, "No can't do it"
So she has to walk home
And on the way she meets an evil human being and she was raped and killed.

The question is who is responsible for her death? And in what order? The woman, the man, the mother, the ferry boat captain, the lover or the rapist?


Story told by Nora Ephron during her presentation at Academy of Achievement. Clip available through iTunes - itunes.apple.com/sg/podcast/nora-ephron-part-1/id395654710?i=87809047&mt=2