Abracadabra dibberlie doobie doo! I cast a spell and soon you will do it too!

I have a soft spot for pointy stuff (please don't ask me about the speeding blue pointy creature that runs amok in Green Hill Zone). So I had my sight set on the Zuzu Delf Haunted Series II Romance Persi Witch when the teaser shots were first released two weeks back. And when they show more official images of her days before the official release, I was sold to the prospect of getting her.

The hat alone make her twice as tall as any other Zuzu Delf.

Who can resist that pointy long hat that is about as tall as she is. And with a cutesy little wand, I am sure there will be bewitching time to come.

Anyway, I succumb to my impulse and placed an order with LUTS hours ago. Now here's the cruelty after all purchase, the long tormenting wait.

Hey! At least I would get her in time for my birthday... if not, Halloween! :)


All images from Luts website