I'd just started two company-based BJD groups on Ipernity:

dod Dream of Doll
This group features images with Dream of Doll BJD.

-=+=-About Dream of Doll-=+=-
D.O.D. is a ball-jointed doll company. Since 2003, Dream of doll has been the premier doll's company in South Korea.

oasisdoll avatar OasisDoll
BJDs from Oasisdoll, Sculpted by Sarina.
You may add pictures of Yaoyue, Linglan, Jessie, Jadeitte and any other creation from Oasisdoll. Join us and share your pics !

Check out the latest news from Oasisdoll at oasisdollnews.blogbus.com

Do feel free to join us if you are interested to post images of your dolls from either DOD or OasisDoll. Interested in BJD but doesn't own any of the dolls from these companies? No worries. Just come by and find out more.