Heh. It's only been 5 days since I posted my last wish-list and I think a revision is in order. Before I proceed though, here's a related note on the My BJD Wish List (24 May 2013 Edition):

Turb and Roxen - they are the reincarnation of "evil"

After getting tempted by Soom's Turb and Roxen for what felt like a lifetime (one week in fact), I finally turned that desire to naught by ordering Dream of Doll DOT U-i on 18th May. U-i, who was my top doll on the original list written in early May, was replaced by Tanesia for the 24th May edition. It was a logical replacement given that I do still want to collect every single D.O.D. DOT girl dolls in future and because of the novelty of owning the little known doll. Till date, I'd yet to uncover any owner image of Tanesia, even though it has been released for close to a year. Weird right?

So why do I need to revise my list after 5 days? Because a lot of new dolls that are coming up have gotten me all excited. And a little misadventure over the last five days require me to refocus on what to get next. But before I get into too much details on those, here's my list:

1. Oasisdoll/ It Girl/ Dreaming Linglan, Dreaming Yaoyue and Dreaming Naomi

I'm way too impressed with the Oasisdoll sculpts, so much so that I'd already half-way through my characterisation of two of the characters - Kaname (Oasisdoll Yaoyue) and Isabelle (Oasisdoll Naomi) for a story I'm writing on. Getting the dreaming heads would provide me with the opportunity to shoot some more images to visualise the scenes I'm depicting.

There's no news as to when the dreaming heads will be released, but I guess I would likely be queuing to get them when they are officially released. Having said that, I would still need to find an appropriate body for the heads. As much as I love the sculpt by Sarina, I just can't love the It girl bodies. They feel a bit cheapish for a premium price.

The normal skin resin of DOT body just doesn't match the normal skin resin of Oasisdoll head. Avid viewer of Isabelle will discover the difference. I might look at AOD body for cheaper alternative, or just get a Luts Delf body.

2. Fairyland/ Littlefee/ Ante

I love Ante. Then again who doesn't? But I always have a problem when it comes to small dolls. By that I mean anyting less than 1/3 scale. See, I'm a figurine collectors, and I do have a number figurines on display at my workstation and in my bed-room. They are the darling of my life, but I could never seem to get great shots out of them. Decent shots definitely (will transfer my figurine images on Ipernity soon), but light just doesn't fall "naturally" on small objects. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Rin Tohsaka on dramatic background - see how evenly the light fall onto the figurine?

Photography concerns aside, I am also not keen to purchase and store various sizes of accessories and clothings. That was my greatest concern when I was still head-over-heel over Roxen. Thanks to my purchase of U-i, the "Great Dilemma of Roxen" came to a happy end.

But now, I'm keen in getting a YoSD size doll (which is one size smaller than the MSD Roxen). What change? A little misadventure that occurred to me over the last four days. I'd flew down to Aussieland for a two-day workshop with nothing but a backpack for my change of clothings and my iPad. And through those four days, I was literally bored to tears in the evening, with nothing much to do in the college area. I never felt so lonely and I really missed having my dolls with me on the trip. Everyone who knew my tale replied that I should have a YoSD for all my trips. And you know what? I totally agree.

And since LTF Ante was the one I really love from the start, I guess why not. So yes, I'm likely to get her soonish, since I'm expecting another work trip before the end of the year...

3. Dream of Doll/ Dream of Teenager/ Tanesia
Beyond any rationality, I am a Dream of Doll fan. Unlike others who are enthusiastic about their boy (e.g. Ducan or Sha), I am a fan of their girls. So much so that the three SD on order right now are the two newly released DOT girls - Elf Ony and Sleeping Girl 1, and one slightly older DOT girl - U-i. If I could have my way, I would just concentrate on every single DOT girl there is. But since that sounded a bit crazy, I think I should just slow down and slowly increase my DOT collection.

The current number of normal DOT girl sculpt stands at eight - Shall (normal and tender), E-An (normal and tender), Isis, Calla, U-i, Talia, Tanesia and Ony (normal and Sleeping girl 1). Yes I do want them all (refer to irrational thoughts), but if I had to make a choice, I would go with Tanesia next.

4. Luts/ Zuzu Delf/ Witch
I was quite evil last week when Luts released news about their ZDF Haunted Series II. How evil was I? I did a quick two minute photoshop job, place all the sneak peek images into one neatly arranged image with fonts that looks pretty corporate clean-like. I'm pretty sure that image has since reposted (without my knowledge) at other places, but just in case you didn't know about it, here's the image:

Oh yes, it was originally meant as my "contribution" of dollie news on some facebook groups I'm in. And since most of the doll collectors I know from those groups have soft-spots for small and cute dolls, it was a real joy just to see rabid responses about their desires in a matter of minutes. All fun. :)

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

And like the Nietzschean wisdom, the bug bites back. What appear as a fun teasing exercise on social group turn into a real desire for me. I really like the witch from the start, but I had reservation initially about the cutesy look and the extremely small size (see above dilemma on small size doll). But the more love people show for the ZDF (especially for Snow Vamp and Nine Tails), the more I wanted to stand up for the witch. And sure enough, by the end of the week (before my trip to Aussieland), I was head-over-heel about the Witch.

5. Peak's Woods/ Fairy of Color/ Lavin

I've been moving slightly away from ultra-realistic and gorgeous looking dolls recently. That's kinda ironic since Iplehouse sculpts got me looking at BJD in the first place last year. Recently though, I'd really felt disconnected with their releases, with fear that I would have problem bonding with them. So instead of just outright gorgeous, I'm looking for sculpts with "softer" facial feature, that may sacrifice a little on being realistic. That is why I'm attracted to Peak's Woods doll these days, especially FOC Lavin.

What make her stand up is her youthful look on the face and the almond shape eyes that could literally melt the heart. She would also be right at home and perhaps even surpass my FL elves in the 1/3 lolita clothing I currently have in the wardrobe.

6. Dreaming Doll/ Elva/ Sally

I didn't come across Dreaming Doll sculpt till quite recently, and was quite surprised to find an instant connection with Sally. She reminds me of myself really with a pensive look with a slight resignation of the illogical world. I could totally see her as my main commentator for my real-life thought if I were to get her.

7. SupiaDoll/ Haeun

My ultimate soft-spot is fantasy characters. That was the reason why I didn't think twice and leapt into my purchase of the limited DOD Elf-Ony on the day of release. That was the ultimate fantasy of marrying vampire and elf *drool*. So yes, I'd always been on a look out for fantasy characters. The rational thing of course is to keep my eye on Soom doll. Even though they do release a lot of interesting sculpts, like the recently released Sweet Witch (based on Hansel and Greta fairy tale), I am having lots of reservation towards their SuperGem. The outright funky proportion (anorexic figure with busty front) and the lacking of posing ability (as compared to the bodies of other companies) are some reservations I have. Supiadoll bodies doesn't really address the shortcoming presented from Soom. Yet, I really like Haeun, which feature some of the more unique eyes for an elf sculpt. I could also see her totally as a yandere character.

8. Bimong/ Narae

I have no idea whether this doll will ever be re-released. D-storic held a goodbye Bimong sale in January this year, after falling out with the talented sculpter. Still, Narae is one of the most interesting sculpt I'd seen so far, with many collectors portraying her as sad, happy, surprised, serious, thoughful, and half-awake. She is just so amazing. I really regretted coming into the hobby so late... I really have no idea if she has a place for my collection of stories though. But any doll with the flexibility of look will definitely be an asset to my photography exploits.


Details of the limited ZDF witch is out now, and it will be on sale for a month from June. So I guess if nothing goes wrong, I am looking at a revision of this wishlist after I give Luts my spare cash.