Writing doesn't really come natural to me. English lessons has always been a chore for me on school with me often flunking my essay writing or grammar tests. The nature of my daily work (scientific research) worsen the sparse writing ability, with me reading and writing technical reports and papers frequently. Even the grammatical rules for the technical writing is all weird, like using passive voice for almost everything, past tense for results and present tense for discussion,

Anyway, I wish to face my demon and do some casual writing, centring around the characters in which my dolls are based on. I doubt they will be any exciting, but since I'm going to brush up my skill, I'd rather do something I think I might enjoy.

But here's the problem. Where do I start? As much as I think I could write on a blank space likke here or on a note programme, I do think there are some writing software that could store essential background info, store ideas and arrange them in which a story could flow and move with dialogues or actions. I'm just not familiar what that software is, especially those that be used on iPad and pc interchangeably.

Anyone familiar with writing software? Would love to hear your recommendation.