A box-filled with some Oasisdoll goodies arrived today. Here are some images of the box opening:

Kagami stands in awe in front of the box.

Box within a box - the shipping box conceal a white box marked with the company logo "Oasisdoll" within.

Company image of Linglan sits on top of the package within the box. Other images include the limited Jessie, Jadelite and Sacha.

The foam in the box is strong and sturdy

Underneath the top foam lies a cut out foam with a fully fitted body (with Yaoyue's head), black eyes, flat foots, lower legs and fists.
Linglan's head sit on the right and Naomi's head sit on the left.

Yaoyue on It girl body in the foam. The string sticking out of the eye socket is interesting.

The three headed monster. From left to right: Naomi, Yaoyue, Linglan

All the goods unravelled (minus cushion).

Linglan with red dress and black long wig.

Isn't she pretty?