I'm a refugee from Flickr. I got rubbed totally the wrong way when Flickr suddenly pull the changes on all their users in the midst of their new acquisition of their new $1.3Bn toy - Tumblr. The thing that irked me the most was how they "grandfather" pro users, with absolutely no forewarning of the changes and their "useful" FAQ that provided no information on what will happen to users not on recurring subscription, and what will the recurring subscription terms be. Yahoo did provide a decent resolution to that on Wednesday with their updated FAQ answering most of the queries and time-period for eligible pro users get on recurring subscription on the same terms. No idea though what will happen if the charging account change though...

Anyway, the damage was done. Their emailer ("SMILE") that came in hours after I know about the news got me even more irritated. So there I was, left with a dilemma: should I continue with Flickr and my pro account till 2015 and left with the uncertainty of what will happen to my account beyond the 1TB (currently having more than 15K photos already in that account) or find an alternative?

I think I found the answer. I feel really at home with Ipernity with a layout that any Flickr user are familiar with. And then the community have basically migrated over here, with many doll collectors joining Ipernity in the aftermath of Flickr changes. This mean I would still get to be inspired by great works here.

If that's not enough reason, Ipernity offered more. The articles option allow blogging function that is not unlike DeviantArt. And the Docs is a potential that is on the way of becoming useful, with helpful members sharing sewing tutorial designs in zip files. How can Flickr ever match that?

Finally, as a serious photographer, I am always for a lookout to store raw images. The thought of hard-disk dying eliminating the thousands of images I have is just devastating. And guess what, Ipernity allow you to store images as dng files (as images). It even allow you to store images as psd files. That's just awesome!!

I'm just so in love with Ipernity right now. I can't wait to get my stuff in order here and share some more of my images. :)