Celeste: "Looks like there have been a delivery today. I wonder what is in there."

Myra: "I have no idea."

Miku (trying to be helpful, screamed):The box says DOD! DOD!! DOD!!!

Celeste: Hmm... Dream of Doll. I wonder what is inside it. Shall we open the box?
Miku, Myra, Kagami: "Yes!"

Moments later...

Kagami: Oh is it a new bed? New sound system? New computer?
Myra: Sssh! I'm just as excited as you, but we need to keep calm.

Kagami: Celeste, what do you think it is?
Celeste: Hmm... I don't know about you, but this look like a nice table I could use.

Kagami_two: Celeste, you're being silly. Kagami: Hee hee~!
Celeste: All right. All right. Shall we continue our quest to find out what is in here?

Moments later...

Kagami_two: Hmm... is that a maid costume?
Celeste: Oh my! It is. Myra, did you go crazy with your online spending again?
Myra: Ssh.
Celeste (laughs at her sister): Ha Ha~! There seems to be something below.

Celeste: Bubble wraps. And my, that's a lot of bubble wraps!

Kagami: Hee~! Mountain of wraps in fact. Want to play hide and seek?

Kagami_two: Don't be silly. There seems to be something inside the wrap.

Celeste: It is really heavy too. I really need a break after this adventure.
Kagami: Heh. Whatever is inside there must be quite special I bet.
Myra: Well, we will have an answer soon. Let's unwrap this bubble wrap.

Moments later...

Myra: Purple cushions! They are so comfortable!
Celeste: But cushions weigh nothing. There must be something inside.

Kagami_two: Heh! It is comfortable. Oh look. There's a nice yellow ribbon here. Can I have it?
Celeste: I don't see why not. We need to remove it to see what is in this cushion anyway.

Kagami (sarcastic tone): More bubble wrap. Yippee~!
Myra: Hee hee! Wait a minute. It seems like someone is trapped inside.
Celeste: Oh my. You are right. Let's free her.

Kagami_two: I don't know who she is, but she has a nice rack.
Celeste: Oh don't be rude! Hi there, are you alright?

Ony sits up and look around at the new environment.
Ony (muffled behind the face mask): W... hat... Wh... ere... H... ow?
Celeste: Hi there, I'm Celeste. My sister Myra is next to you, and this chibi little thing here is Kagami_two.
Kagami_two: Hey hey! You're not being nice.
Myra: Haha~! By the way, are you able to stand? You have been in the box for a long time.

Ony nods slightly and stand up.
Ony (still muffled and dazed): Th...e li..ght... i...s br...ight.
Celeste: Oh well, think you'll take a while to recover I guess.
Myra: Yar. Let's unbind you from the mask and other wrapping material for you.

Moments later...

Ony lies on her back: Thank you. I'd been asleep for a long time and was startled by you just now. I'm quite to be free of my binding now. Thanks!
Celeste: Don't mention it. You are always welcome. And I think this is your new home now.
Myra: Yup. Nice to have another friend with us here. A warm welcome to you!

-=++=- Epilogue -=++=-

Ony is one of the newer addition to the Dream of Doll (DOD) - Dream of Teenager (DOT) line of doll. I'd ordered her since later January and is quite happy to finally see her after a three months' wait. Here's the rest of the items that came along in the box, which include the default clothing, an event head, maid costume and a pair of black pumps:

Here's the first picture I have of all. Magical effect thanks to Xhanthi's wonderful tutorial.