The problem with addicts is that they choose not to stop when they can and can't stop when they choose to. Sad to say that as a newcomer to the BJD hobbycraft, I have promptly descent into this thoroughly enjoyable addiction stage. Since getting interested in BJD from the beginning of 2013, I have already gotten 5 SD BJD at home, with another 3 pre-orders SD BJD presumably under construction at the moment. No doubt I'm really happy with my girls, especially with the newest arrival (that sadly doesn't have a name yet!), I still find myself looking at other dolls, trying to see if I feel any "connection" with the sculpts at all. So just to appease that nagging feeling of the want, and also to keep stock of where my affinity is, here's a list of the dolls that I am particularly interested and hope to get within the year.

1. Dream of Doll/ Dream of Teenager/ Tanesia

Beyond any rationality, I am a Dream of Doll fan. Unlike others who are enthusiastic about their boy (e.g. Ducan or Sha), I am a fan of their girls. So much so that the three SD on order right now are the two newly released DOT girls - Elf Ony and Sleeping Girl 1, and one slightly older DOT girl - U-i. If I could have my way, I would just concentrate on every single DOT girl there is. But since that sounded a bit crazy, I think I should just slow down and slowly increase my DOT collection.

The current number of normal DOT girl sculpt stands at eight - Shall (normal and tender), E-An (normal and tender), Isis, Calla, U-i, Talia, Tanesia and Ony (normal and Sleeping girl 1). Yes I do want them all (refer to irrational thoughts), but if I had to make a choice, I would go with Tanesia next.

2. Peak's Woods/ Fairy of Color/ Lavin

I've been moving slightly away from ultra-realistic and gorgeous looking dolls recently. That's kinda ironic since Iplehouse sculpts got me looking at BJD in the first place last year. Recently though, I'd really felt disconnected with their releases, with fear that I would have problem bonding with them. So instead of just outright gorgeous, I'm looking for sculpts with "softer" facial feature, that may sacrifice a little on being realistic. That is why I'm attracted to Peak's Woods doll these days, especially FOC Lavin.

What make her stand up is her youthful look on the face and the almond shape eyes that could literally melt the heart. She would also be right at home and perhaps even surpass my FL elves in the 1/3 lolita clothing I currently have in the wardrobe.

3. Dreaming Doll/ Elva/ Sally

I didn't come across Dreaming Doll sculpt till quite recently, and was quite surprised to find an instant connection with Sally. She reminds me of myself really with a pensive look with a slight resignation of the illogical world. I could totally see her as my main commentator for my real-life thought if I were to get her.

4. SupiaDoll/ Haeun

My ultimate soft-spot is fantasy characters. That was the reason why I didn't think twice and leapt into my purchase of the limited DOD Elf-Ony on the day of release. That was the ultimate fantasy of marrying vampire and elf *drool*. So yes, I'd always been on a look out for fantasy characters. The rational thing of course is to keep my eye on Soom doll. Even though they do release a lot of interesting sculpts, like the recently released Sweet Witch (based on Hansel and Greta fairy tale), I am having lots of reservation towards their SuperGem. The outright funky proportion (anorexic figure with busty front) and the lacking of posing ability (as compared to the bodies of other companies) are some reservations I have. Supiadoll bodies doesn't really address the shortcoming presented from Soom. Yet, I really like Haeun, which feature some of the more unique eyes for an elf sculpt. I could also see her totally as a yandere character.

5. Bimong/ Narae

I have no idea whether this doll will ever be re-released. D-storic held a goodbye Bimong sale in January this year, after falling out with the talented sculpter. Still, Narae is one of the most interesting sculpt I'd seen so far, with many collectors portraying her as sad, happy, surprised, serious, thoughful, and half-awake. She is just so amazing. I really regretted coming into the hobby so late... I really have no idea if she has a place for my collection of stories though. But any doll with the flexibility of look will definitely be an asset to my photography exploits.

So yes, this is my wishlist for the moment at the end of May. I bet it will change in a few month's time, but by then I really hope that my Elf-Ony has arrived.