I think everybody has a general idea of what the project that's participating, but it makes sense to add in the form of a journal here.

With the "Cartoon Princess Project" essentially you would be developing a
monologue for 3 characters that you would play out and I would be transforming
that set of expressions and ideas into 3D animation. Atleast two of the characters
would have to be female and all of the females will look like princesses from some
period and region but they will act like people you actually know in real life and
there should be some moral found in all of the short monologues, please remember that this project is primarily for teens and young adults. Each character will be predominantly one crazy non-human color that you will pick (*Note - I may want to use one complimentary color that you would also pick for contrast purposes in the clothes, but at this point the characters will be strictly monochrome.) Pink is already taken and Silver is already taken. For each character I haven't settled on a length for them yet but I'm thinking 2 1/2 minutes per character, which would add up to 7 1/2 minutes per person. My hope is that some of the characters will be entertaining enough to build short stories around in the future, but first thing's first. I still need to find and set up a studio recording space, so all we'll be doing for the time being is developing, but that should be fine as it will take a while to get everything right on paper before getting into production/post-production where it's much more difficult to resolve major story/plot problems.

Tina actually wrote a terrific basic description of her characters. And these are the kind of creative descriptions I'll need from everyone participating (I originally had it set at 4 characters per person, but I'm certain that would run to long.)

Tina''"s Characters

Princess Gwendolyn...A kind hearted soul, skims off some of the king's cash to support her lottery ticket habit.

Matt "The Stripper"...He wants to find one true love but keeps going to places like hedo.. and dosen't understand why the girls don;t want to commit to him.Owns a 14 ft anaconda, because he's deathly allergic to cats

Emmy... She isn't happy unless someone is mad at someone else. Frequently pits her children against each other just so her life isn't boring.Bought Matt a black cat for halloween.

Angelo...Is a good soul wrapped up in a pit bull look. Has a hard time convincing people he's nice and there are only a few people that know how really good he is.

The physical stuff I would need from you (pictures) would be ones like these if you
can do them:


I'll need these to build an accurate digital sculpt of you for one of your characters.
Some things to know: For the head/face I only need a front view and a side view
(Please don't crop) and for the body shot I only need a front, back and side views
and only from the head down to about the mid thigh, but please don't have the
hands cut off.

Here's a link to my current gallery online that has a mix of my work:

Alternatively I have a gallery here on iPernity as well:


Shameless Plug for my other group project.


Please post questions here or shoot me a note.

This is a "Work In Progress" (WIP) Story, Delivery Dates, other time frames, visual elements are subject to change in the development process...COUNT ON IT.