First order of business. I want to make sure that we're in communication with Karen if she's still wanting work on the project and hopefully she'll check here. It sounds like she is /was really interested, but she closed her account on POF after what she described as a bad experience(s) seems like that happens on POF sometimes, there's still a multitude of opportunities/places online to meet decent people. Anyway I misplaced her email address. KAREN if you read this shoot me an email at butch dot arrington at nyu dot edu so I can get your email.

For Jaime (ZAPP!), sorry about the potentially nagging note. I re-read your msg and saw that you are going to be busy for the next two weeks at work and can't do your reference photos. Don't sweat it, I just forgot about the note.

For everybody...I'll add a reference sample sheet album (folder) here for everyone to get a better visual representation of the reference angles that will help me digitally sculpt you. Probably the newest stuff that you haven't seen will mostly the facial expression poses.