A busy week, but not for stitching! After last Wednesday's report from Georgetown, South Carolina, we headed north to Asheville, NC for the American Hemerocalis Society national convention. First day was spent touring the Billtmore Estate:

where I bought a little "souvenir" kid to stitch while I waited for the other 300+ people to finish with the gardens and the winery tour:

This pretty much wiped out the day. Next day was a bus tour of three gardens, all daylilies, although one had chickens:

and one had the daylily named for my husband:

The next day was another three garden bus tour but I opted out and this is when I manage to get in some stitchery.

Then, on Sunday, t was a drive north of Dublin Virginia (near where some old friends from grad school were living and we did a lot of driving on the Blue ridge Parkway but I forgot yo take my camera0), followed the next day by another drive to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.

After recovering from the drive, it was an evening drive to Antietam National Battlefield.

July 1 saw us headed in to the District of Columbia for a walk through the Dumbarton Oaks gardens (hotter than blazes, by the way):

followed by a limeade and mango sorbet at Tom Sweet's in Georgetown (to rehydrate) and then a dusk walk through the WW II Memorial:

and the FDR Memorial (where my camera's memory card filled up... plan ahead, right?):

Today was more walking , but in air conditioned comfort in the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center of the Air & Space Museum (at Dulles Airport):

Tomorrow, it's a guided tour of the Gettysburg National Battlefield! and on July 4, fireworks in Leesburg, VA (We had planned to see fireworks at Antietam but it turns out they have scheduled theirs for July 5! And while the fireworks on the Mall in DC are tempting we are leaving on Saturday for the long long drive back to NW Ohio...). When home, it will be time to pick up some needlework at the framers and rush to get it and two other entries in the fair before the deadline midweek! Add to that the fact that our first CSA pickup is scheduled for the 8th, and the laundry buildup on this two-week road trip will be calling my name, I expect very little more stitching before next Wednesday.

And already, there are three TAST stitches and one more RYO Mandala in my inbox to download and stitch, to say nothing of the July Crazy Quilt Journal Block (at least it's is planned out, although fabric choices still need to be made) and the July Bead Journal ATC/ornament (I have an idea but nothing more) to be done, I doubt the traveling needlepoint or the Biltmore souvenir will get any more work done, to say nothing of Save the Stitches and "Bride" of Roll Your Own...

Falling behinder and behinder!!!