These stitches are the Beaded Vandyke and the Bullion Vandyke. I know I can do Vandyke. I've done it before in TAST and I did it here:

But ask me to put beads on it and it goes all wonky:

and as for bullion stitches on it (especially since I hate bullion stitches - I think my fingers are just to big and clumsy to handle all those winds around the needle), even wonkier still:

Still, I completed this assignment (with a lot of grumbling, to be sure - ever try to frog a bullion stitch?) and now have a second page of stitches for 2014:

Oh, and I got stitchy mail this weekend! Back in May, I won the random drawing for a prize on the WIPocalypse blog. This is what came in the mail yesterday!

Ink Circle's "Blue Morpho" chart, three skeins of ThreadworX and some 28 Needles! YAY! Thanks, Melissa (AKA Measi). I love it all!