Little progress, slowed by a summer cold/cough.

I did get the basic block for the June Crazy Quilt Journal Project assembled, no embroidery:

And I stitched a LOT on the second Roll Your Own mandala "Reloaded", which is now less than one quarter of one color away from completion:

But... and it's a big word, that one... There are, in my project bag a) four lessons in the Funk & Weber class on finishing (hemstitching) with only part of lesson one completed (and a new class is likely to start soon...); b) two blocks in the Elizabeth Almond SAL "Save the Stitches" printed out but not a single stitch; c) the June Bead Journal Project atc-sized ornament which is kitted out and roughly sketched out but not one bead applied; and d) two stitches for the Take a Stitch Tuesday, printed out but not stitched.

I'm drifting further and further behind, with little hope for catching up in the near future in that there is another road trip in my future which will interfere massively with stitchery (I can't carry my Ott floor lamp with me, without said lamp I can't see to stitch on 32-ct fabric, so my needlepoint travel bag, not touched for two years, will have to be resurrected for a couple of weeks!

Oh well, this is supposed to be a hobby, not a life requirement, right? And finishing things to deadlines isn't a high priority. Or so I keep telling myself!