Blocks 8 and 9 of the Elizabeth Almond blackwork SAL, "Save the Stitches" are now completed (except for beads, of course)!

While I had allocated IHSW for the blackwork piece, I also fit in a couple of other tasks as well. I started on the second part of lesson 1 of the Funk & Weber finishing class on hemstitching, by prepping a 12 x 12 piece of Aida for folding the hem with mitered corners and then hemstitching.

If I actually get stitching done on this, I will only be two classes behind in that class!

I also got in a completion! The last band in the Wiehenburg Designs Mystery Band Sampler was stitched last night!

All it needs is a pressing and a trip to the framer!

So, all in all, a pretty productive weekend!