As I mentioned in last weeks' late report, part of why I didn't get much stitching done last week was being out of town at a scrapbook show. While I don't scrapbook, my friend does and we three "Girls' Night "Out" buddies traveled up to Novi, MI to attend "Megameet". Spent a lot of food (Novi is a pricey place), bought a few papercrafting supplies (very little there as scrapbookers are more into paper and stickers and the like than stamps and ink and such), and totally messed with my bad ankle (Walking on concrete for four+ hours isn't recommended for the healthiest of legs and my right ankle is far from healthy!). Too dim in the hotel to stitch and, besides, no way I was hauling along a magnifier as well as my regular luggage. SO I went into a brief withdrawal!

Upon arrival home, husband and I headed back up to Toledo for a concert by the Toledo Symphony in Holy Rosary Cathedral. Bruckner's "Null" Symphony. Beautiful music. VERY hard pews! And no stitching Friday night either!

So that meant I caught up a little on the weekend. However, Girls Night Out on Tuesday is cancelled due to illness so I should be able to get in one extra day of stitching to partially compensate for the three missed nights!

Completions of works in progress included:

  • Gold Finch Owl:

  • Band 10 in the Wiehenburg Mystery Band Sampler:

  • May Crazy Quilt Journal block. I thought my block was done Saturday but when I looked at the photo, I could see I missed two seams I had marked so... back to the drawing board Monday, where I finished up those truant seams:

  • Take a Stitch Tuesday stitches 112 (Feathered Chain) and 112 (Beaded Feathered Chain):

WIPS include the following...

  • I put in an evening of stitching on Monday night, doing the outlines for blocks 9 and 10 of "Save the Stitches":

Since this weekend is the May International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, I hope to finish the blackwork fill on those blocks then.

  • Tuesday night, I finished up the third color in the Roll Your Own mandala "Reloaded" and got roughly 1/4 of the fourth color done:

  • Meanwhile, I started in lesson 1 (mitered corners and hemstitching Aida) for the Fun & Weber class on finishing I am registered for. Here is the mitering corners lesson using graph paper... the graph paper diagram (using some of Saudi Arabian stash of dressmakers graph paper!):

and the final mitered piece:

A little wonky at one corner but I blame that on working with metric graph paper!

Part two of Lesson one was to mitre the corners of a piece of Aida and then hemstitch the "frame" down. Naturally, lesson two came out when I was just starting on this one! Typical! So I'm still not caught up...