Having a morning commitment on Wednesday (clean house before the cleaner comes and husband,s monthly high school class breakfast), coupled with leaving for Novi, MI for a scrapbooking show (I don't scrapbook by my friend does) that afternoon, I never had a chance to post my weekly report. SO here it is, three days late, but nothing has been accomplished since then anyway, so it's not that much of a cheat.

I spent most of the week working on my Bead Journal piece for May. It's another owl, or maybe the same owl as for January. This snowy owl has overstayed his welcome as the snow has melted and his white feathers stand out against the newly greening landscape. Having missed the return trip to Canada, he, in his some what addled state, decided he could disguise himself with the colors of the flowers in the front yard.

So he smeared pollen on his feathers and attached yellow petals where he could. Blends right in! Trouble is, these flowers aren't a permanent feature of the landscape and he was starting to panic. What would happen to him when they wilted and shriveled? And then he saw some birds in our garden! They were almost the same colors he was now!

He found a string of black beads. Maybe, if he wove them through his wing feathers, or made a little skull cap with them, he could pass for an overlarge member of their very large flock and spend the summer here. After all, there are plenty of mice to eat and they wouldn't think that he was eating their food (they eat those disgusting seeds!), and he would save on the energy needed to migrate this fall!

That's it! He'll be a goldfinch!

He's almost done but needs backing and a hanger...

My May Crazy Quilt Journal project block is
assembled and ready for seam treatments:

And I started the penultimate band of the Mystery Band Sampler:

Blocks 8 and 9 for "Save the Stitches" are in my project bag and the "Reloaded" Roll Your Own mandala hasn't been touched since the end of April. The Funk & Weber Finshing class on Hemstitching started last week as well and I have two assignments to do in that class...

I have a lot of stitching to do in the next few days to catch up!