Can't really add anything to my report that wasn't already detailed in my WIPocalypse report.

During the past week, I completed bands 8 and 9 on the Mystery Band Sampler, stitches Stitches 106 and 107 (Cretan Looped and beaded Cretan Looped stitches) for the Take a Stitch Tuesday series, and finished my April Crazy Quilt Journal Project block.

Coming up in the next week are stitches 108 and 109 for Take a Stitch Tuesday, blocks 6 and 7 of the "Save the Stitches" (I hope to stitch on them non-stop during the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend April 19 - 21) and color #2 on the Roll Your Own mandala "Roll Your Own".

Oh, and recovery from the snow storm. ALL our daffodils are kaput after only one day of blooming! Not at all sure that the tulip tree blooms survived. And husband reports his daylilies have a translucent look about their leaves which may indicate massive damage to all that had started to show signs of life. And despite it being April, some of that snowfall still lingers since we had another record low last night. I'm beginning to HATE this winter with a passion!