Yep, an eclipse which we could not see here in NW Ohio since it was SNOWING! AAACK!

This Month's assignment it to describe how we keep our stash organized! I have to laugh at that as organized is a far cry from what my stash is.

My craft space has six cabinets (two of which are for embroidery supplies, two of which are for quilting supplies and two of which are for papercrafting supplies) in (and on and around) which my stash is stored. Within the cabinets are shelves and the occasional bin into which fabric thread, patterns, kits etc are SUPPOSED to be stored. Unfortunately, many of these bins find themselves either overflowing (pattern and kits) or ignored (floss) and supplies which have been pulled for kitting, or from finished projects or even new purchases all tend to end up on my cutting table (which surface cannot be seen becasue of the piles of "stuff" waiting to be organized.

So I have to say, I do NOT keep my stash organized. It lives in complete chaos!

Since last month's report I have stitched the following:
  • Two Bead Journal Project atc-sized ornaments: "Celtic Owl" and "Peep"
  • The outline for the Roll Your Own mandala "Reloaded" and started on the colored filling
  • Bands 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the Wiehenburg "Mystery Sampler

  • Take a Stitch Tuesday stitches #104 (Buttonholed Cable Chain), #105 (Beaded Buttonholed Cable Chain), #106 (Cretan Looped) and #107 (Beaded Cretan Looped)

  • Outline and fill for block 5 of the "Save the Stitches" blackwork sampler form Elizabeth Almond
  • The April Crazy Quilt Journal Project block:

WIPS to be worked on in the coming month include:

The Roll Your Own mandala "Reloaded, for which the outlines are completed and the colors have been started

The Save the Stitches blackwork sampler for which part of the outline of block six is completed (patterns for block 6 and 7 printed off and in my work basket)

Take a Stitch Tuesday stitches ##108 and 109 (Rice Stitch - two varieties and Square Boss Stitch) which are in my email inbox and await printing.

In addition, more Take a Stitch Tuesday stitches are likely to arrive in that time period, as are at least one more block for "Save the Stitches". New mandalas in the Roll Your Own series (this time circular ones) are also being developed, one of which I have downloaded already). And I hope to get a head start on the block for the May Crazy Quilt Journal Project and the ornament for the May Bead Journal Project.

All of this, I hope to fit in around two long weekend trips to paper-crafting shows/classes!