Wondering if week 13 is unlucky... It was for my alma mater's women's basketball team when they got beaten by Rutgers Monday night. And of course, since it was a home game, I HAD to go so that was a night I couldn't stitch... Add in a couple of deaths of friends and, yes, week 13 wasn't a totally good week!

But I did squeeze in stitching in the odd moments and here is what I accomplished!

Band seven for the "Mystery Band Sampler" (here is a photo of bands 1 - 7):

The basic block for the April Crazy Quilt Journal Project:

One color and a start on a second in "Reloaded" (I would have been further along but I had to rip out two of the lighter green patches when I discovered I had stitched the crosses in the wrong direction! AAACK!):

I have three sympathy cards to make - time away from stitching. Two mornings (EARLY mornings, Thursday and Friday) on the telephone banks for the local NPR station and a play at the University Saturday night will further cut into stitching time. And since the TAST for this week is in (two more stitches) and I have a Bead Journal ATC ornament to begin (it's sketched out and the beads have been selected but otherwise...), but I am anxiously awaiting paperwork from our accountant re income taxes so...it looks like week fourteen is going to be a slim stitching week as well. Oh well, life does sometime interfere!