March's assignment is to show our favorite place(s) to stitch. So I took a photo of the only place I like to stitch - my bedroom:

I can sit at the left side of the bed, leaning against the headboard with two pillows behind me, within reach of my side table (and the telephone, iPhone, iPad and TV remote) and turn my Ott lamp (the foot slides under the bed and the lamp stem is right up against the bed frame) so it sits in front of me, with the magnifying lens at eye level and the light focused on my stitching. To my right, I place my project (right now it's bagged but ready to "assemble" and start stitching on). In front of me (out of camera range, is the television with DVR so I can listen to the programs I taped and look up if needed, to focus on what is going on on screen.

If I tire of the project I am working on (or if, wonder of wonders, I complete it), I have a project bag stocked with WIPS and kitted up projects, on the floor, next to my dresser (my main stash and unkitted projects are in my basement craft space):

When I finish stitching, I put the current project back in that WIP bag, place the Ott lamp next to it (parallel to the wall with it's base under the WIP bag, for stability) and my stitching place is a bed again! All I need to do before sleeping in it is to do a quick search for stray needles and escaped beads!

In the past month, I have stitched on (and completed some of) the following:
  • Take a Stitch Tuesday: Triangular Buttonhole, Beaded Triangular Buttonhole and Beaded Butterfly Chain Stitches
  • Crazy Quilt Journal Project - March block
  • Bead Journal Project - March ATC-sized ornament, which lacks a few finishing touches at this date
  • the "Save the Stitches" blackwork SAL from Elizabeth Almond (Parts 1 - 3)
  • the "Roll Your Own" mandala
  • the Wiehenburg Designs "Mystery Band Sampler" (bands 1 - 5)
  • the online fInishing (Framing) class by Funk & Weber.

Not touched were the stitch guide primer and the needlepoint background booklet, both 2013 online classes from Janet Perry.

So on next month's list of WIPS are:
  • The "Roll Your Own" mandala series (I'm working on the outline for "Reloaded" which is now a little more than half complete):

  • The "Save the Stitches" blackwork sampler SAL by Elizabeth Almond (parts 4 and five are now outlined):

  • The "Mystery Band Sampler" SAL from Wiehenburg Designs
  • my April Crazy Quilt Journal block
  • my April Bead Journal ATC ornament
  • and whatever TAST stitches come along.