On Sunday, I finished (except for beading) all of blocks 1, 2 and 3 of "Save the Stitches" blackwork SAL from Elizabeth Almond:

These closeups show the color I used in place of the specified metallics:

Block 1

Block 2

and block 3

I then started on the outline for "Reloaded" for the "Roll Your Own" mandala series from Tracey Horner and Ink Circles, Here is how far I got on the outline:

and here is how it will be placed relative to "Roll Your Own":

I also managed to kit up the Crazy Quilt Journal Block for March as well as the Bead Journal ATC for March.

Winter still has it's iron grip on us --- it is snowing as I type, although not heavily --- just enough to camoflage the VERY thick layers of ice in our driveway. Walking to the mail box is an adventure in foot placement and even though husband has purchased some shoe spikes for me, they can't be put on indoors (they'd ruin the floors) and I refuse to keep my boots in the frozen tundra of our garage so...

Not that the spikes would have helped much last night since when I got home from Girls' Night Out, my garage door opener wouldn't work. I had to stop in the driveway, navigate that ice in the dark to get to the garage to open the door from inside --- and you aren't supposed to wear the spikes when driving either, so they were hanging inside the garage, on the wall next to the door!!! What really frosts me is the opener worked fine, once I got my car into the garage!

I've decided to become a hermit until the spring thaw comes!