Let's see --- we spent a week surpassing the all-time snow record for January (previously held in the year of the Blizzard of '78): we are now at 50.2" for the month! Heck, we are only 20 inches away from the all-time seasonal snow record (also held in that season of the Blizzard of '78)! And it was another week with bone-numbing wind chills, wind and blowing snow (now they are talking about the Big Chill of 14!): not only are propane users being asked to cut their use, so are natural gas and electricity users! It seems this cold is putting a strain on our now-exporting petrochemical industry! PTHAH!

Anyway, Husband spent a great deal of time clearing the driveway (and then himself) of accumulated snow:

only to have it blow back over the cleared space.

So it would seem to have been a week of staying in and stitching, right? Well, I stayed in, but I didn't increase my stitching output that much. "Roll Your Own" is slow-moving and I seem to miscount as much as I count right so there was a lot of frogging mid-week. But the first mandala is half-outlined:

I tried to break up the eye-numbing counting by doing some easier-on-the eyes prep work. I stitched up the basic block for the February installment of Crazy Quilt Project:

and kitted out the ATC piece for my February Bead Journal Project piece:

I ordered fabric for the Elizabeth Almond "Save a Stitch" blackwork sampler SAL (Gee, that's going to be one BAP!) and I also did a little card-making and a little organizing of my craft space (and by little, I mean VERY little!). Other than that, it was trying to keep up with various housework duties and spending WAY too much time on my iPad playing solitaire!