I didn't really "hermit and stitch" much this weekend. Having finished "Ladybug & Daisy" on Friday, and finding my project bag empty of WIPs, it took a whole day before I could gin up the courage (yes, I said courage --- a blank piece of fabric is as intimidating to me as a blank piece of paper is to some authors!) to start a new project. I finally settled on the "Roll Your Own" Mandalas from Tracy Horner at InkCircles, which have been kitted up since October. There are nine of them, six larger and three smaller, and I plan to do them all in the Tropical Ocean color scheme on one piece of overdyed 32 count Lugana. I put in two hours on the outline for the first ("Roll Your Own" ) and got roughly one-eighth of it done:

The outline is the tough part, I think, since it HAS to be counted correctly. I'm going slow because it is 32 count and because I do not want to do any frogging! I suspect two hour stretches are the best I will be able to do until the outlines are finished so I will need to come up with another piece to work on in between (besides Crazy Quilt Block Project and Bead Journal Project Challenges, that is).