In addition to keeping on schedule with my bead journal project, I also managed to keep on schedule with my Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2014 block:

The focus fabric is the 2014 Hoffman Challenge fabric, which I intend to us in each block this year, along with a lot of solids and maybe even a few of the coordinating Hoffman prints. This is a departure for me in colors (I'm not usually a pastel person) and style (not that much into florals either) but I think trying to to make this work for 12 blocks will be "my" challenge. I decided to limit my thread selection to those which mimic the colors in the print and limit the beads to an occasional accent, rather than an encrusting.

I also and started the outlining of the daisy petals on "Ladybug & Daisy" :

On the 11th, I sat in on a Funk & Weberwebinar on finishing embroidery and, as a result, signed up for four online finishing classes throughout 2014. That totally breaks my resolution to avoid more online classes and deadlines, doesn't it? But if I can get some of those unfinished finishes off that pile and into something displayable or useful, it will be worth it.

The snow is almost, but not quite, gone - melted thanks to a day of rain and two days of near 50* weather. However, there is ore snow forecast for the next four days --- not much, but enough to foreshadow another temperature dip to below freezing, Thankfully, they do NOT think it will rival that below zero weather of the past week. Still, it bodes well for stitching time...