This month, we are supposed to "Recap your accomplishments for the year! (Your finishes, your final before/after photos, etc)". HMMM... That means I need to check back through the year and see what happened as far as stitchery is concerned and that isn't an easy task. I try to do this as a final post of the year wrap-up as well, but let's see what I can come up with WIPocalypse-style...

Finishes were (not necessarily in order of finish):
  • An Elizabeth Arnold blackwork design "Red Thai Mandala", the only hold-over from 2012, as it was started on December 30, 2012
  • An Elizabeth Arnold blackwork design "Midnight Garden"
  • A Casey Buonaugurio design, "The Taco Sampler"
  • An Ajisai blackwork design "Puppy Dog"
  • Janet Perry's "Color Through the Ages" online needlepoint class (one piece) and "Mittens & Mini-Socks" online needlepoint class (3 pieces)
  • A Laura J Perrin needlepoint design "Purple Daisy" which was an online class featuring "Messy beading"
  • Sharon B's "Encrusted Crazy Quilting" online class (one piece) and "Sumptuous Surfaces Embroidery" online class (two pieces)
  • Sharon B's "Tale a Stitch Tuesday" online challenge ( 41 stitches and one multi-stitch "challenge")
  • Bead Journal Project for 2013 (11 of 12 butterflies so far)
  • Wall hangings for Bead Journal Project (beaded in 2012) and Crazy Quilt Journal Projects (pieced in 2012)
  • 12 crazy quilt blocks for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project - one a month every month
  • A mug rug for a quilt guild challenge
  • A "Bling It On!" crazy quilt block for a quilt guild retreat chalelnge (it won a prize for best use of embellishment)
  • A "Pink" crazy quilt block for the fair's special entry
  • A biscornu for a secret Santa exchange that never took place
Eight pieces were framed for fair submittals in 2013 (five first place ribbons, 2 second place ribbons, one third place ribbon and one honorable mention - not framed) three more framed for a gift (1) and for 2014 fair submittal (2 so far).

Started but unfinished:
  • The "Take a Stitch Tuesday" stitch for the week starting December 15
  • The December butterfly for the 2013 Bead Journal Project
  • A "Chinese Coins" quilt top (ready for sandwiching and quilting)
  • A "Green Thumb" challenge quilt for quilt guild
  • An Ajisai design "Ladybug & Daisy"
Waiting in the wings ( for which I have all the written material but haven't even started to think about) are:
  • nine mandalas from InkCircles
  • whatever Take a Stitch Tuesday stitches appear in the next two weeks
  • Two Janet Perry classes (one a stitch guide practicum and the other a background stitch notebook)
In addition, there are the 2014 series of Crazy Quit Journal blocks and the 2014 Bead Journal Project pieces as well.

And I want to do a few more Christmas ornaments (this year, I used two trees to display my stitched ornaments because there were too many for the one, but there aren't enough to fill two so...)