These items always scared me a little but I needed an "under $10" Secret Santa gift (don't you just HATE those) for the quilt guild Christmas brunch on the 14th and decided I'd try to make a biscornu pincushion as my "gift". After all, if it didn't work, it was only a days' time and two 6.5" squares of fabric form my stash (OK I did buy some thread to match and three sets of buttons to finish it off.). Besides, if it did work out, then I'd be willing to risk embroidered pieces on one.

It probably needed to be stuffed a little more as it's a little "squishy", and putting those buttons on was the hardest part so they are not quite centered (Note to self: mark center of each square next time!), but, in all, I think it came out OK enough to be a gift: