These three stitches are the Straight Feather (#91) and two variations (## 92 and 93).

Here is the Straight Feather Stitch:

variation #1, the Crossed Feather Stitch:

and variation #2, the Plaited Feather Stitch:

I stitched them side by side on my stitch sampler page and you can see how they compare here:

I also caved and went stitchery surfing on Black Friday and bought a few things. Four new charts on sale for 20% off...

I've been wanting one of the Vickery Collection Celtic crosses (I bought the Celtic Garden Cross as well as the Celtic September and Celtic December) for some time, so this seemed a good idea. And I couldn't resist Chatelaine's. Celtic Garden Mandala. I have no idea when I'll stitch ANY of these!

There were also some beads in this shipment for my final BJP of 2013 (Some may also show up on my December Crazy Quilt Journal block as well!) I bought some 12/0 magnificas to add some dimension to my seed bead collection (Christmas Green, Cherry Red, White Opal, Silver Fox, Opal Honey and Opalescent Periwinkle ) ... also 20% off!

What can I say? "Tis the season!