The topics in WIPocalypse for this month include : Themes: Designer – Allessandra Adelaide, Style – Ornaments, Colors – White and Purple.
I have never done a Allessandra Adelaide chart, nor do I have any in my stash. There are no ornaments in progress (although I have some possibilities in a stack of printouts on my work table that I MIGHT get around to someday soon). And I have no white and/or purple stitchery in progress or even planned.

Last month, the unfinished projects in my project bag were gradually reducing so that, when I reported in, I only had the following:
  • the blackwork "Puppy Dog" from Ajisai ,
  • a cover for a fabric book (which will be made from my 2010 Bead Journal Project squares)
  • a Chinese Coins quilted throw - top in progress

What I completed since the last check in are:
  • the blackwork "Puppy Dog" from Ajisai
  • TAST: Turkman Stitch, two versions of teh buttonhole picot and two versions of twisted satin stitch
  • October BJP butterfly
  • November Crazy Quilt Journal block

In progress is the November BJP butterfly and the Chinese Coins quilt top (top completed, now I have to tackle quilting it! AAARGH!)

Not touched were the BJP 2010 "book", the January challenge for quilt guild, the 9 "Roll Your Own" mandalas, and the online classes from Janet Perry on background stitches and on stitch guides. So while I may have actually freed up some stitching time, the backlog is still pretty immense.

So what do I want to tackle for the final report of 2013?

  • I want to be caught up with TAST2013
  • I want to be finished with BJP November *and* December butterflies
  • I want to be finished with the Crazy Quilt Journal Project December block
  • I want to have made progress in the "Roll Your Own" mandalas (I want to do all 9 on the same large piece of fabric so I need to grid them out so they balance)
  • I want to finish the Chinese Coins quilt
  • I want to get a start on the 2010 BJP "book" (it requires a LOT of planning and a LOT of hand stitching)
  • and
  • I want to start a new cross stitch piece (but not sure which one yet!).