For some reason, I simply couldn't motivate to stitch this week. I had all sorts of plans, starting with kitting out the November Bead Journal and Crazy Quilt Journal blocks (which I did):

and working on my Chinese Coins quilt and my 2010 Bead Journal book (which I didn't); and with stitching the two stitches in last (and this) week's Take a Stitch Tuesday.

Then I stalled! didn't get back to anything until Sunday night when I finally finished up one page of the backstitching on "Puppy Dog":

Maybe it was Halloween... It lasted four days here (not counting all the events that occurred the weekend before!). Our HOA trick-or-treat was rained out Thursday (we were ready for people who were made enough to brave the wind since only the HOA residents knew it had been rained out, but no-one came), postponed to Friday (we had maybe 30 kids in all, from the hayride the HOA put on to transport them safely around our very dark neighborhood). No stragglers that we know of... But there was always the off chance that stragglers from outside our neighborhood, whose Halloween's were postponed to Saturday or even Sunday, would come by so we had to be ready for that as well. Needless to say, I read a lot on my iPad and ate a lot of mini Reese's dark chocolate cups! (Yes, we weren't PC --- all our candy had nuts in them!).