This past week (and this International Hermit and Stitch Weekend) were spent on catch-up projects.

I started the week - and ended the weekend - by stitching away on the blackwork "Puppy Dog":

Most of the weekend, however, was spent on my October Bead Journal Project butterfly for October and I ALMOST finished it. Would have, too, if I hadn't run out of purple beads! Here it is so far, waiting for a bead delivery from Mill Hill, stitched on one of the Halloween fat quarters I got at quilt retreat last weekend:

If it weren't for those pesky ten or so beads, I could have claimed to be caught up! AAARGH! As it is, there is still "Roll Your Own" to start and the online classes from Janet Perry on background stitches and on stitch guides to complete as well as Take a Stitch Tuesday that can occupy my time this week while waiting for the mail!