The themes for this lunar cycle are Designer – Heaven and Earth Designs, Style – Specialty Stitches, Colors – Brown and Green. I have to say I have never stitched a HAED piece (nor do I own any, although I've been tempted). They are just to BIG a project for me, I think... As for Speciality stitches, I suppose blackwork could be considered speciality and I finished Elizabeth Almond's "Midnight Garden" and am currently stitching an Ajisai Designs piece called "Puppy Dog" which is blackwork. As for brown and green, I have nothing in my project bag at present with those colors.

Since the last WIPocalypse check in, I have completed the following:

TAST - Cloud Filling, Chained Cross Stitch, Raised Chain Stitch Variation One, and Raised Chain Stitch Variation Two
The August Crazy Quilt Journal Block and the September Crazy Quilt Journal Block
Laura J. Perrin's "Purple Daisy"
The June Bead Journal Project butterfly and The July Bead Journal Project butterfly
"Midnight Garden" by Elizabeth Almond

I worked on (but didn't complete)

The 2012 Color Palette/Crazy Quilt Journal/Bead Journal Project wall hanging
The 2010 "Unstarted Project" quilt top
Ajisai Design's "Puppy Dog"
The "Bling it On!" quilt block for guild retreat:

It looks like I completed a lot but there are still some online classes I have yet to start: a background stitch journal (needs to be kitted up) and a stitch guide practicum from Janet Perry (the design needs to be transferred to canvas and I HAVE to come up with a color scheme and stitch selection) and Tracy Horner's "Roll Your Own" mandalas (there are currently seven, with fabric and threads selected but that's as far as I've gotten), to say nothing of a kitted but not started August Bead Journal Project butterfly and a yet to de designed, let alone kitted up, September Bead Journal Project butterfly. Of course, October Bead Journal and Crazy Quilt Journal pieces as well as more weekly TAST assignments are also waiting in the wings for their entry cues.

I finally beat the cough, although a permanent throat-clearing irritation is still hanging in there. And the stitching mojo, once I forced myself to pick up that needle and stitch, came back, sort of... It's just that the pieces I'm stitching aren't interesting any more and I don't have anything in my stash that really really is calling to me. I suspect I've burned out on online SALs, but we shall see --- sign-up time is coming up for Crazy Quilt Journal and Bead Journal 2014 and I expect I will register again for both.

I did attend quilt guild's work day on September 14, hoping it would stimulate me to get back on track, and am signed up for retreat October 11 - 13 for the same reason. Also, I'm hoping to go to the local EGA annual show either Friday or Saturday and have plans to stitch, stitch, stitch this weekend because it's International Hermit and Stitch Weekend!