This month's themes are : Designer – Glendon Place, Style – Animals, Colors – Red and Yellow.

Well, I have stitched two Glendon Place designs, but none of their designs are in my WIP bad. Similarly, no animals, unless you count the itty bitty blackwork insects on "Midnight Garden". As for red, well there was the July Crazy Quilt Journal Project block --- it was ALL red, with a touch of white. But nothing yellow...

What I have stitched on since last WIPocalypse check in is as follows:

• Take a Stitch Tuesday stitches: Wrapped Coral Stitch and the Portuguese Stem Stitch
• A "Pink" crazy patch block for submittal to the fair in a special "Pink" category
• That July Crazy Quilt Journal Challenge Project block

Still in progress:
• "Midnight Garden"
• My June butterfly for the Bead Journal Project

I'm sad to see how little I've accomplished this month. My stitching mojo seems to have gone on holiday while I'm stuck here in this heat...