Gosh, am I ever sick of rain! 14 out of the last 16 days its rained at east a little, leading us to the 8th wettest June in local history (but July is still behind on water, possibly because the airport met station is in one of those "scattered shower" dry spots --- it sure feels wet enough here!). You'd think that would lead to more stitching on my part but mainly, it's insomnia coupled with the inability to keep awake during the daylight hours. So I have little progress to report on this week.

Oh well, here is "Midnight Garden" as it was on Friday:

And I did get BJP two butterflies kitted out - the late June one in purple:

and July's in red and white stars:

The July Crazy Quilt Journal Project block is underway --- with stitchery and beading started simultaneously:

I started kitting out the Roll Your Own Mandala charts, only to find that I didn't have a piece of fabric large enough to do them all on one piece and I need a lot more fabric if I want to do all seven of them individually but have them match. Also, I don't have enough thread to do seven right now (man, they call for a lot of DMC!). SO I have mys hopping list made out and will visit the local Hobby Lobby to see if I can satisfy thread and fabric requirements. Otherwise, it's online to order something VERY pricey...

Husband insisted on getting two of my framed pieces tweaked (both had some lint caught on the sittches!) so that was done Friday and now I have to get around to filling out the application form for the fair and get it in before the deadline Saturday.