My last week on drops for the left eye and an eye exam has resulted in new glasses (should be in in a week or so) which should solve any additional problems I have (except for the peripheral vision shimmer which still sometimes strikes without warning).

I really lost my stitchery mojo last week ---

I settled down on Sunday to get some stitches in on International Hermit and Stitch Weekend...

Finally finished the April BJP butterfly:

May's butterfly will be in orange and white on a yellow background. Just have to get it set up and maybe I will be able to catch up.

I got kind-of behind what with eye surgery and all but finally caught up last night with Take a Stitch Tuesday Stitch #65: the buttonhole bar:

I can see this doing a really really neat layering effect on top of other stitches! And it was fun to do! If I'd had more time, I would have tried it with different threads but getting one row done in perle cotton was good enough to learn the stitch.

I also did the Coral Stitch (#66) in a different color perle cotton:

It doesn't show up as clearly as I would like but I do like the effect...

My to-do project bag is still full but there's hope that maybe I can catch up before June is too far underway!