Given that my eye isn't at top focus yet (it was still dilated after 48 hours *and* it's flashing/shimmering when light hits my peripheral vision since the lens hasn't settled in yet), I didn't do much in the way of stitching (or posting). I did complete the TAST Tuesday night since I could do that without extra light and magnification. Here's my Top-Knotted Buttonhole:

and here is the completed "page" for stitches 57 through 64:

Re cataract surgery --- it's taking a few days for my eye to recover.. While I can see, I'm getting the occasional twinge that tells me I'm not healed yet. On interesting side effect of cataract surgery is that the "fixed" eye doesn't see color the same way the cataract eye does! It would seem that, as the lenses hardened, they also yellowed and I've been looking at the world through yellow lenses for years now and didn't know it. Don't know if this will affect my choices of color in future but it is an interesting side effect I didn't expect!

I won't get 20/20 vision from this --- I never had it, but my optometrist, after the post-op check-up, says I'm now near-sighted in that eye and probably won't need glasses to read or stitch. Of course, I can't see for diddly at distance (never could) and my case of adult lazy-eye means I will always need glasses to correct for that. Also, my corneas are a disaster area (something called corneal dystrophy which, in my case is related to the basement membrane which holds the cells of the cornea flat to the eye --- it's not holding, the cells are piling up instead of lying flat,and the surface of my eye looks like the surface of the moon!) and we may have to take drastic action on that front once the cataracts are taken care of. Not a pleasant prospect for someone whose eyes are crucial to enjoyment of life! But what needs to be done will be done...