Another month without stitching. My wrist is getting better but I still have flexibility and strength issues in my left had so holding a frame steady for any length of time is dodgy at best. I live in hope!

Meanwhile, the topic for the month is “What projects are in your UFO pile?”

Sadly — a lot.

Back in 2012, I itemized the UFOs in my cupboard. They were

"Angel of Love" - started before we moved to England in 1992!
"Celestial Angel" - started before we moved to England in 1992!
"Map of England and Wales" - started in Saudi
"Nature's Song" (excerpted from a larger chart) - started in Saudi
Not itemized, but hiding out in a bin were a crewel-work pillow and six or seven needlepoint pieces needing backstitching and other “top work”, all predating 1992! And there were a slew of piece-worked tops from quilting classes in Saudi that required backing and binding... And then there is the Round Robin stitchery piece from 2006, were all the participants finished their parts but I have yet to finish it off...

Currently ALL of these pieces are still unfinished, stitching-wise.

And this doesn’t begin to count the two major pieces languishing in my project bag: the Elizabeth Almond “Save the Stitches” sampler and the “Love Is..” wedding sampler. Also, back in 2012, a WIP was Palm Tree Elegance, my traveling needlepoint piece and that is still active! And also in my traveling back is a "small" piece from a trip to North Carolina back in August 2014 ...

OMG, that wrist has to heal faster, or… because I’m not getting any younger!

There are also projects finished since then that lack the finishing touches, all itemized in early 2017: at least four quilt tops need to be backed and bound and one needs to be pieced (it’s roughly 3/4 put-together right now), backed and bound; my first Bead Journal Project needs assembly as does my Take a Stitch Tuesday sampler, and there is a “slew” of bargello and Learn-a-stitch needlepoint exercise pieces (freebies from Napa Needlepoint - she has pasted many more but I am resisting starting any until I clear my cutting table of the finished ones!) that should be sewn into ornaments! These don’t really require wrist strength — just the courage to turn on my machine or get out my sewing kit, rethread the needle(s) (and the bobbin on the machine -my LEAST favorite thing of all time), and sit down to work. But that means I need to motivate!

Any tips?