A week of "catch-up and I actually got to a point where I was caught up on EVERYTHING but "Sumptuous Surface Embroidery! I played with a design for part two (color) of the exercise:

The fabric I chose is an overdyed from Silkweaver which I have had for ages in my stash --- it's 32 ct linen but I don't think that will affect me as I'm used to that fabric and I love the feel of the piece. The color palette, influenced by the fabric, will be shades of blue and green with touches of yellow and gold for accents... Sort of Peacock colors again --- I'm back to my blue phase!

I also kitted up, and started stitching on, a new Elizabeth Almond piece called ?Midnight Garden". The middle medallion is almost done - there is a darker shade of blue that needs to be added... and beads, of course!

It's not a large piece, only a little larger than 8" square, but I find it restful to stitch blackwork so this is my fall-back piece when I get frustrated with free-hand embroidery, crazy quilts or beads! Because, as much as I do enjoy the latter, they do frustrate me because I'm such an amateur at them and can never get the piece to match what is in my head!