This moon's topic is "What pattern (or designer) is on your must-try-to-stitch bucket list?" I can't say that I actually HAVE a stitching bucket list. I have stitched at least one pattern from each designer that has caught my eye, sometimes more, and I have stopped buying patterns as my stash is definitely a SABLE.

Another WIPocalypse has come and gone and, since the last, I have not stitched at all. Basically, I am typing here one-handed so I apologize for any and all typos (one-handed typing is NOT accurate, especially as that broken arm keeps wanting to help)

I fell (slipped on a hardwood floor) on the 18th of October, landed on mt left wrist and broke the distal end of my radius. I had surgery for an open reduction of the fracture and insertion of a plate on the 25th (OUCH!), had the dressing, stitches and cast removed on November 4 (cast was replaced with a brace), and started occupational therapy on November 9. Clearly, I have not been able to stitch since my last post. I have no clue as to when I will be stitching again... therapy is a demon and I tend to crash and sleep the afternoon after; exercises are boring and slow and I basically hurt in places I didn't know one could hurt.

It looks like my belated wedding sampler will be even MORE belated.