WIPocalypse - March 27, 2013

This month's WIPocalyspe themes are : Designer – Chatelaine, Style – Springtime, Colors – Green and Yellow. Well, I don't have any Chatelaine pieces in progress although I do believe I have one chart in my stash... Springtime (which has yet to arrive here) is almost the theme for my BJP March butterfly ... and I have dabbled in yellow (that butterfly again) and green (my Encrusted Crazy Quilt block)!

In addition to the above pieces completed or in progress, I have been working on the following -

• Take a Stitch Tuesday - Buttonholed herringbone stitch, the TAST challenge, sailor stitch and sailor edging, and woven detached chain stitch
• Mini-sock called "Mt. Fuji" and matching mitten
• The March Crazy Quilt Journal Project block
• a mug rug for quilt guild:
• the last "twinchie" for Color Through the Ages - "Vintage Kitchen"
• and, finally, The Elizabeth Almond blackwork "Red Thai Mandala"

In Progress
• the finish-finishing of my 2012 BJP /CQJP squares...
• part one, lessons one and two (of three) of the Sumptuous Surface Embroidery Class:( Part two, three lessons, is already printed out and need to be read)

TAST, mittens & mini-socks, Bead Journal Project, Crazy Quilt Journal Project and Sumptuous Surface Embroidery are ongoing and I really want to start another Elizabeth Almond (chart is printed out but it needs to be kitted out) because I miss cross stitch and blackwork!