With as much as I got done LAST week, I certainly slumped off this week. No excuses --- I just couldn't get motivated. But I did stitch a little.

I finally got started on the March Bead Journal butterfly (about time, don't you think, given that March is nearly over?) and have about less than 20% of his/her/its wings done. I opted for Easter colors with a touch of spring thrown in, even though there is an inch of snow on the ground and it's still flurrying down:

And I finally tackled the "Sumptuous Surface Embroidery" project (part one --- two weeks behind and part two should start this week! AAACK!) with outlines of my circle motifs, a "frame, and an attempt at a background using three sizes of white perle (not entirely successful but I expect most of that will be covered shortly with more circles...):

TAST should start up again this week after a couple of week's hiatus and there is also April hard on March's heels with April BJP and Crazy Quilt pieces to do. I really really DO want to get that wall hanging I started at quilt guild work day done for the April meeting. And I so miss cross stitch and blackwork --- I HAVE to find the time to start something new in that area...