A productive week --- lots of smalls finished and progress made on some long-term WIPs.

The completions already posted to this blog, were my March Crazy Quilt Journal Project Block, a mug rug for quilt guild, the Mt. Fuji sock for the "MIttens & Mini-Socks" online class, and the TAST stitch #58. An additional completion on March 17 was the matching mitten for Mt. Fuji:

Progress made, an posted earlier, was the finish-finish of my Color Palette/Craay Quilt Journal, Bead Journal challenge project for 2102... four rows of three blocks each were sashed and stitched together. Only three more strips of sashing and it will be a top ready for quilting!

I also stitched more on my "Encrusted Crazy Quilting" class block:

I added a little more stitching, some buttons and beads and think it might be done... It feels done... but I'll wait and see what the instructor says before I declare it a completion.

Thanks to the incentive (I was going to say pressure, but that's not totally true) by a quilt guild challenge, National Quilt Day, and International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, I did get a lot done this week. But I'm still behind: there's "Sumptious Surface Embroidery" where I haven't started stitching yet, the March Bead Journal Project butterfly which I have finally kitted up, and a new blackwork piece which needs kitting up and starting in my project bag. And while that doesn't sound like much when I write it down, it feels like a lot when I look at that overflowing bag!