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  • WIPocalypse 2021 Check-In - August 29, 2021

    - 3 weeks ago
    Roll Your Own Mandala Series
    The topic for this month's discussion is: "Which of your project finishes made you the most proud? The most relieved?" To be honest, I have no idea what the answer would be to either of these questions. I'm guessing it would have been one of the many BAPs through the years. Two that come to mind are the "Roll Your Own Mandala" series that I stitched on one BAPiece of fabric as a single project:  This was begun in February, 2014 and completed August, 2016. Since this took two years, it…

  • WIPocalypse 2021 Check-In - July 25, 2021

    - July 25, 2021
    The topic for this month's discussion is: "Have you ever attended a stitching retreat? If so, tell us about your experiences." My answer is a qualified yes... I have been to 2 quilting retreats with the guild I am webmaster for and have stitched onboard 3 cruise ships with a cruise director who was tasked with teaching non-stitchers. But these weren't exactly stitching retreats in the sense that I think is being referenced. ~~~~~WIPS~~~~~ I haven't stitched at all on Elizabeth Almond…

  • WIPocalypse 2021 Check-In - June 27, 2021

    - June 27, 2021
    Glendon Place "Hope & Strength"
    The topic for this month's discussion is: "How are you doing with your goals so far this year?" I believe I said I was going to "go with the flow", whatever that meant. I had one major WIP/potential UFO in January - Elizabeth Almond's "Save the Stitches" blackwork sampler. I haven't stitched on it at all this year and it is stalled at block 74... I had two mystery SALs in progress: • The Faithwurks/Just Cross Stitch "Quaker Christmas Sampler", with new parts issued at roughly tw…

  • WIPocalypse 2021 Check-In - May 30 2021

    - May 30, 2021
    Hope & Strength by Glenwood Place
    The topic for this month's discussion is: "What was the first project you ever stitched? (whether you finished or not)" My answer depends on what kind of stitching you mean! I was in graduate school at University of Florida and was into crewel embroidery at the time. I don't know how I got started on this and I can't remember my first stitched crewel. Meanwhile, a friend had purchased a kit for an eyeglass case with purple pansies in the design to make as a gift for her mother but…

  • WIPocalypse April 2021 Check-In- April 25, 2021

    - April 25, 2021
    IMG 0374
    The topic for this month's discussion is: "Have you found yourself to be more or less productive in your stitching during the Covid-19 pandemic?" Well, to be honest, since I hadn't stitched much at all between 2016 and 2020 (only one traveling needlepoint and one twinchie in 2019), ANYTHING would have been an improvement! I started stitching again in January 2020 and our state went into stay-at-home orders in mid-March of that year. From that time until the end of the year, I completed…

  • WIPocalypse March 2021 Check-In - March 28, 2021

    - March 28, 2021
    Hope and Strength by Glendon Place
    The topic for this month's discussion is: "What is your process for working on WIPs? Are you a one-at-a-time stitcher, a rotation stitcher, or something else?" I guess I would have to admit to being a rotation stitcher, although I can't pinpoint the exact time when I switched from being a one-at-a-time stitcher. It may have happened around 2012 when I embarked on a number of on-line challenges like TAST, the Crazy Quilt Journal project and the Bead Journal Project. Cross-stitching became…

  • WIPocalypse February 2021 Check-In and I'm late again...

    - March  1, 2021
    IMG 0348
    The topic for discussion this month is: "What stitch-a-longs (SALs) are you participating in this year?" Well, besides this WIPocalypse, I have scaled back this year and only have two (mystery) SALs in progress: 1. The Faithwurks/Just Cross Stitch Christmas Quaker, which now has two parts complete: Part three is due out in the June 2021 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine, the digital version of which should be available in late April, early May, 2021. ​ 2. The fifth and final SAL…

  • WIPocalypse January 2021 Check-In

    - February  1, 2021
    Save teh Stitches, December 27
    I have to catch up with posts for November 2020, December2020, and January 1, 2021 that I couldn't post because of the site being down. I will do those after I get my taxes done! Meanwhile, on with my check-in for January 2021I don't have that much to report so this will be short and sweet(-ish)!

  • WIPocalypse 2020 Check-In - October 25 , 2020

    - October 25, 2020
    week 43
    The topic for this month is: "How do you choose what you’re going to stitch on next?" I'm not sure how to answer this, to be honest. This year, I have been working on eliminating WIPs (managed two of the five so far and well into a third) and I tend to choose the WIP that is least onerous to me when I have time to fit it into my stitching schedule. I say "stitching schedule" because this year, I also am participating in four (yes, count 'em, FOUR) Stitchalongs (SALs) which all have d…

  • WIPocalypse 2020 Check-In - September 27, 2020

    - September 26, 2020
    Love Is... Sept 22
    The topic for this month is: "Are you a seasonal stitcher, or can you stitch on any holiday/seasonal stitch at any time of year?"​ ​I don't consider myself a "seasonal stitcher" in that I stitch whatever appeals to me at the time. However, there are seasonal items which get started (and sometimes finished) ahead of the season when the magazines and charts start appearing on the market for Halloween and Christmas. Both seem to start in September of each year although there are some hints earl…

  • WIPocalypse 2020 Check-In: August 30, 2020

    - August 30, 2020
    August 30
    August's topic for discussion is: "Have you participated in any of the mystery SALs on Facebook (or other social media)? What do you think makes a successful mystery SAL?" ​I am participating in four mystery SALs at present, all of which are supported by facebook groups: "52 weeks of Blackwork" by Peppermint Purple, which has weekly installments throughout the year "A Year of SALs" by Stitchonomy. There are five separate SALs (three now complete), with installments released at 2 day…

  • WIPocalypse 2020 Check-In: July 26, 2020

    - July 26, 2020
    Biltmore July 24
    July's topic for discussion is: "What new charts or designers are catching your eye this year?" Given that is my first year back stitching after a long hiatus, a LOT of new (to me) designers have popped up on my radar. Just scrolling through the downloads on my iPad, I find: Online downloads from designers new to me, including: Frau Rosa Stikt!! where I have purchased two patterns: "Strandhauser" and "Durch Das Jahr Mit Frau Rosa" (in German)* Long Dog Samplers were I copped a freeb…

  • WIPocalypse 2020 Check-In - June 28, 2020

    - June 28, 2020
    June 28, 2020
    This month's topic for discussion is a half-year recap: " How are you doing with your goals so far this year? " Well, according to my January 1 check-in, my one goal for this year was " start stitching again this year."! And I did just that! But that wasn't all there was to my goals for the year. I had the following WIPs in my stash: Elizabeth Almond's "Save the Stitches" blackwork sampler, started in late February of 2014 and put away in April of 2015​ "Biltmore", a kit I purch…

  • WIPocalypse 2020 Check-In, May 31, 2020

    - May 31, 2020
    This month's topic for discussion was: "Tell us about a piece that you absolutely loved stitching." Well, I have to confess that am am not the kind of stitcher that finds the process relaxing, refreshing, empowering or enjoyable! I stitch to occupy my hands, and easily substitute reading or paper crafting for stitchery. I find that stitching can be frustrating - frogging, tangled and/or frayed floss, needing magnification to see where stitches need to be placed - all lead to a lot of swea…

  • WIPocalypse 2020 Check-IN - April 26, 2020

    - April 26, 2020
    Block 1
    The topic of the month is: "Talk to us about your longest-running WIP or UFO." ​Well, it all depends on what you want --- WIP? UFO? The project I will talk about has aspects of both. My longest running WIP (I still consider it that since it resides in my work bag in my stitching area and not in the cabinet of long-unfinished pieces) is Elisabeth Almond's "Save the Stitches" blackwork sampler; I started it February 24, 2014: and last worked on it April 9, 2015: It is stitched in…

  • WIPocalypse 2020 Check-In - March 30, 2020

    - March 30, 2020
    This month's WIPocalypse question is: Have you ever adopted a piece from someone else or gave up a piece to someone else? Which piece and why? And the answer is yes, sort of... ​My husband's former secretary handed me a large carrier bag with a printed needlepoint canvas of a cheetah (and DMC needlepoint yarn) which she had started but decided, for one reason or another, that she couldn't/wouldn't finish. She knew that I did needlework and thought I might like it. She said she really didn…

  • WIPocalypse 2020 Check-In, February 29, 2020 -two days late

    - March  2, 2020
    "Love Is...
    The WIPocalypse question of the month is: "In honor of “Leap Year,” tell the story of a time you had to make some sort of a “leap” in stitching – taking the chance on a new style of stitching, attending a meetup or class, etc." I have taken several "leaps" in my stitching... To begin: A room-mate taught me to knit while I was senior in college (56 years ago! AAACK!!). I evolved into booties and then two disastrous sweaters. Although I loved cables, I learned my lesson from sweaters a…

  • WIPocalypse 2020 Check-In, January 26, 2020

    - January 26, 2020
    Question of the month: What SAL’s are you participating in this year? Well, for someone who hasn't stitched for nearly a year, I was overly ambitious. I signed up for four SALs, in addition to WIPocalypse! I thought maybe they'd keep me diverted from my BAP UFO/WIPs and allow me to get in some practice on linen/evenweave. SAL #1 is the Stitchonomy Year of SALs . It appealed to me because it came in small installments over a two month period for each SAL, with the first one - "Homel…

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