Things change.

There are some things I beleive that will affect me forever

...till the day I die.

Losing my Daddy this year..was the hardest thing I have

ever faced in my life. Trever got killed 2 weeks after that.

I have come 'undun'.

There is a song called that..if I can find it..I'll post it here.

Today...I have so much to do..I don't have time to think about

any of it.

Gary. Boo & Brent were so good when it happened. It is way past time and I should be'movin' on with life..but I can't..I just can't.

What would I ever do without Gary in my life? I don't have to tell him any of this. He's just good to me anyhow. He has to know, I would think that I am so depressed.

But how could he? I never wanted him to know, and feel sorry for me.

I want to pack my car

just me and 'th' dawg'..and head South!

I would run to Daddy..

but he is no longer there.

I remind myself.. I have Gary.

He is wonderful.