our new Home i s Lovely,we finally moved for thegood,its just so different here.....I have really been stressedover that move after ten years and no way was my daughter going anywhere as she just started a new job,she gets full benefits and full hours,so you have to be on a job to have a chance to buy here,its not as easy as it was,things are booming in our area.......anyway we all had to getmoving quicky,it took eight men to move us.........well its 2500 sq ft....11 rooms and garage,it is lovely but the kitchen i s not a sbig as it could be but works....We had tio move cause our rental had alot o fproblems and the owner was putting it up for sale....anyway the sun shine shere....everyones happy and we pay more bu they you pay we know for more....beautiful yard too.....Grass growing due to rain lol now Girl swill have to do that....I am happy at last bye