my news of utter madness,I just ruined the new big screen beautiful 47 inch.teelvision ,my Grandaughter Heather gave it to us for a gift as we had been watching my daughters older floor model for over 20yrs.I feel so bad,Ibroke the screen by throwing a egg to the Children that goes to their front door farm......I wanted Jayden to pick up the eggsnd help clean up the toys some so I started chasing him and threw it not at the tv but more wildly,well,it will cost me goodnow for that stupid awful mistake,!I might have learned a lesson,those televisions are made delicate,you dont have no picture once it has been broke...................led,and hdtv and something,it will not be agoodprice lieshe got it for....WellI did my share of crying.........I am so thankful fo rmy family...I hope your weather i sbetter too,its snowed,now its just nasty cold...I guess spring will spring....I cant complain....Everyone isout,Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week hugsxxxxxxx