What is it About?

If you use F-Spot for your photo management you might have noticed, that you can export your pictures directly to Flickr.

A while ago I started playing with the API of Ipernity to extend the Flickr exporter of F-Spot to support uploads to Ipernity as well. There were quite a few people interested in this work and I published my patches, but the architecture of F-Spot changed quite a bit recently esp. for export functionality.

How to use it?

You need to know what you do and have experience checking code out of SVN and compile it. I wont help you with that, instead have a look on the F-Spot site.

First you have to grab a SVN snapshot of F-Spot, preferred the exact revision for the patch, but newer ones might work as well (it's better to get the exact revision, apply the patch and update afterwards). Download the latest patch, apply it, compile F-Spot, install it, run it...

The Future?

Currently the move towards an extension isn't completely done yet for the exporters. Because of that you have to compile F-Spot and not only the extension. I hope this will change, but another thing I want to try, is to get this Ipernity extensions integrated into the Flickr export as the necessary changes are really simple.