...sorry all three prints are given away...

Following brendadada and Panchromatica I will offer a few prints for free! I'm not expecting a print of you in return or something else. This is just a chance to get a few prints out into the world...


I will offer one Cyanotype to the first three commenters who say they would like one and which one (please do not post your address here!). You may choose from the selection below.

Printing may take a while and the prints may look quite different. The size will be between 10x10 cm² and 17x17 cm² at maximum as I see fit. The same accounts for the coating technology and paper I choose.

To the Dresden people: please understand that I would like to give away those prints to people who are not "at the source" and do not have a chance to get a print as easily. ;-)


Here are the images you can choose from:

resting //    \\


And to continue I just copy Brenda's words: If you want to make a similar offer, then please:

  1. post your offer here in a comment. This can be for as many or as few prints as you like, of whatever size you think fit. Panchromatica is offering 5, for example. Make sure you include a link to your own pages
  2. post a link to this post on your own Ipernity pages (and anywhere else you like) inviting people to join in.

So, to recap: post here, post your offer on your own site, and link back here. Please send me a separate message including your postal address - don't post your address in the thread.

...sorry all three prints are given away...