Version 2.1 "L10N or 'Ich kann Deutsch'"

Please upgrade!

As the API key has been changed you'll need to reauthorize if you haven't installed before.

IpernityFox version 2.1

Recent Changes

v2.1 (2009-10-11)

  • started localization, first additional locale is German
      ipernityFox jetzt auch auf Deutsch!
  • additional language can be added easily
  • slight layout changes

What is this?

IpernityFox was inspired by FlickrFox to show you a quick overview what's going on in the photostream of your contacts, friends, and other ipernitians using the sidebar of Firefox.

What does it do (and what not)?

Currently it can do:

  • show the most recent uploads for all ipernitians (up to 100 items)
  • show the most popular documents
  • show the most recent uploads for all your contacts (up to 50)
  • show the most recent uploads for your friends (up to 50)
  • show your favourites
  • show squared (75x75) or in 100px fitted thumbs
  • updates the selected stream each 5 minutes to keep you up to date (can be change to update less often)

But it can't (yet?) compared to FlickrFox:

  • show your pictures
  • show the groups

How do I install it?

Click on the link above. It will take you to Firefox will notify you if an update is available (if you didn't disable this feature).

Whom to blame?

Well even though I reused flickrfox code: me :(. If you find bugs post them here. And wishes for features too, though this isn't a promise that I'll implement them... ;)

Many Thanks!

First to the team of Ipernity. It is always a risk to let someone play with an API that is work in progress. They implemented the needed features of the API really quickly (or at least the flickr compatibility layer which saved me much work ;) and responded very fast. Thanks a lot quys!

And then of course to Phil for his flickrfox because else I would have had to write much more code ;)

Well I thank you for using and would be very pleased if you could spread the word: blog about it, etc. so that not only people of my network find it...


v2.0.3.2 (2009-10-06)

  • new API key
  • shows the account used on the options page

v2.0.2 (2009-10-04)

  • internal change on how to reload when preferences change, really elegant code now ;)

v2.0.1 (2009-09-20)

  • no longer pre-release
  • streams work as expected
  • about dialog exchanged with a nice HTML page

v1.9.2 (2009-08-20)

  • better security, should now be able to pass AMO

v1.9.1 (2009-08-20)

  • compatible with Firefox 3.5 (not tested with older versions)
  • uses the new Ipernity API
  • code completely restructured and 50% rewritten

v1.1.1 (2008-07-21)

v1.1.0 (2008-07-08)

  • fixed the refreshing (works again)
  • activated "Your Favorites": now you can browse all your favorites with IpernityFox!

v1.0.0 (2008-07-08)

  • Complete code-refactoring, so please download and install!
  • Chances should be better now, to get this addon out of the sandbox at, so that everyone can easily download it from there without needing a login.

v0.9.3.2 (2008-06-01)

  • tested with Firefox 3.0 (on Vista, Ubuntu and reports of success from OS X)

v0.9.2.1 (2008-03-27)/v0.9.3 (2008-03-28):

  • tested with Firefox 3.0 Beta 4
  • installation moved to completely (sorry, you still need an account on AMO)

v0.9.2 (2007-07-07):

  • added an installation page to my site to make installation easier

v0.9.1.2 (2007-07-05):

  • added flock to compatibility list (> v0.7)

v0.9.0.1 (2007-07-05):

  • initial upload it is still in the sandbox, that means you need an account to get it from there. But if you have an account anyway please install it from there and maybe even give reviews. If you install it from there, you should get automatic updates and activity there may make it easier to get it out of the sandbox!

v0.9.0 (2007-07-04):

  • inital release


IpernityFox is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1, and makes use of Joseph North’s beautiful Sweetie icon set.